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This home page outlines the main features of the University. Your further queries will be cheerfully and courteously dealt with by:

Dr. Francis P. DeCaro, Chairman from July 2, 2009
Chairman of the Board
Chief Financial Officer
Professor and Senior Mentor
He invites you to contact him at 7777 North Wickham Road, Suite 12-309, Melbourne, Florida 32940, USA

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We are a new kind of Information Age University.  We exist solely to deliver high quality advanced degrees to Scholar Practitioners all over the world, who are unable to leave their current vocations to sit in a classroom, or even unable to leave their  country to take residency in a different land.  Most Universities are based on what is essentially an Industrial Age model often satirized as "batch-processing" of identical-age students in fixed timetables at the convenience of the faculty and administrators.   Historically, they are hierarchical and bureaucratic. 

We are a distance-learning University, not to be confused with an on-line university.  While "on-line" courses have their merit, they are conceptually an electronic and automated version of the traditional classroom, with everyone in lock-step.

We go back to the older pre-Industrial model found in ancient China, India, ancient Islam and as in the European older Universities like Oxford and Cambridge: the one-on-one"tutorial" model (we call them Mentors, but the principle is the same).  We are creating the TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY UNIVERSITY.  We make the University serve YOUR needs.  You work at YOUR pace.  While we have, as always, a defined curriculum, the courses are individuated to your needs  and special circumstances.  We also don't make you re-learn what you have already learned.  As such, we prefer the term LEARNER to "student" and because you are all mid-career professionals and specialists, not neophytes, we respect that and treat you as COLLEAGUES and indeed fellow learners, for surely you will also teach us something.  In essence much of our work is 'contract-learning": we work together (you and your mentor) to agree on the method by which you will demonstrate the BREADTH of knowledge, the DEPTH of understanding and the APPLICATION of those theories and concepts in your professional life, now and in the future.  You have some special aspect on which you want to do research to write your Master's thesis or your Doctoral dissertation.  We have the academic expertise to guide you to that goal in academe with the highest academic standards.  Most of us are familiar with both the traditional and the distance learning models, so we understand where you are coming from and where you are going.  Our task is to help you achieve those goals!  those aims are the result of the Mission Statement adopted by our Board.

Mission Statement

Greenleaf University is a distance-learning institution of higher education with a special public service cause of furthering the academic education of mid-career professionals in leadership and administration with an emphasis on servant-leadership and alternative futures. The University believes that an earned degree includes a profound understanding of classical and contemporary leadership and administrative theories and the application of these theories to a work environment.

Leaders must be forward looking, and know how to manage change, and integrate theory, technology and practice. Greenleaf University provides formal education in leadership and administration theories and requires learners to practice these tenets in their work environment. Greenleaf University believes that all qualified mid-career professionals, regardless of their geographic location, have an equal right to participate in institutions of higher education. Greenleaf University offers this opportunity within an environment that stimulates personal, professional, and leadership growth.

Our Basis and Structure

We are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT entity.  That means, very simply,  that every dollar received is used for academic purposes:  no funds are leaving the University to pay owners or shareholders or corporate entities.  That means we can charge more reasonable fees because in addition, we are debt free.

As a distance learning University we do not need a large campus, nor do we have a massive hierarchy or a large bureaucracy.  Greenleaf University, after the reorganization in 2001-2002 has adopted a very simple decentralized network model.  The Board and Administration are inter-locked as needed and the Administration operates on the principle of "distance management" with a decentralized, non-bureaucratic system.  That means that your concerns will be dealt with promptly and efficiently.  This is why you will see different addresses for key Administrators and for Faculty.  We are linked electronically (email, phone, and fax) and are in daily communication.


Greenleaf University was founded in 1989 as the Institute for Professional Studies. One of the core values of IPS has always been servant-leadership. In 1996, in order to more closely align the name of the school with its core values, IPS was joined to Greenleaf University, and the "professional studies" were more narrowly defined as relating to management leadership and administration. The entire title is "Greenleaf University, Institute for Professional Studies, an American Graduate School." For the sake of convenience, this generally is shortened to "Greenleaf University." Greenleaf University offers a Doctor of Philosophy in Management Leadership and Administration and two Master degrees, one in Management Leadership and Administration, the other in Futures Studies, and appropriate Bachelor's degrees.


The purposes of Greenleaf University are as follows:

  • to provide academic preparation of the highest quality for professionals in leadership and administration with emphasis on servant-leadership and alternative futures;
  • to encourage freedom of inquiry and a free exchange of ideas among learners, faculty, administrators and staff of Greenleaf University;
  • to combine theory and practice which prepares professionals for leadership responsibilities;
  • to provide the support necessary for learners to successfully complete the program of study and to overcome any completion deficiencies; and
  • to strive for excellence in teaching and learning through the learning pathway of Greenleaf University.
  • to maintain our excellent academic reputation
  • to continue to assist our alumni as they follow their careers
  • to stay at the cutting edge of distance learning universities


OUR MOTTO IS:   First Things First