Why Mentors?

The strength of Greenleaf University is in our core belief and application in the theory of mentored learning. In other words, our years of experience, individually and in the University as a whole, has been that learners benefit significantly from the guidance and insight of a personal mentor.

If you look back more than 1,500 years ago, the great thinkers of history were trained up relying on mentors to serve as their point of reference throughout their knowledge acquisition. A mentor does not do the work for you, instead they are there when you need clarification or assistance in applying the concept of skill to your practical experience. This is the English theory of "Tutors".

Every course at Greenleaf University is guided by a mentor. You may choose to use the same mentor with each course or program, or you may change mentors as you feel comfortable.

Mentored directed learning is one way the Greenleaf sets itself apart from the others - we are a student-centered university which follows a servant-leadership philosophy. Examine the others closely, then return to Greenleaf for a personalized learning experience.

List of Greenleaf Mentors